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Who Can Request a Patient Transport?

Air Care & Mobile Care can be called by any recognized medical authority, including:

  • Transferring physicians
  • Hospital staff
  • Police and fire departments (Air Care only)
  • Industrial safety officials (Air Care only)

A specially trained communications specialist is available 24 hours a day to take your call and coordinate the transport.

The general public cannot activate the service, but should contact their local hospital or EMS Agency for help.

What We'll Need To Know

When Calling Air Care & Mobile Care, be prepared to give the communications specialist the following information:

Interfacility Transport (Air or Mobile)

  • Referring and receiving hospital and patient location
  • Referring and receiving M.D.
  • Patient's name, date of birth, weight
  • Patient's medical diagnosis, significant history, and medical equipment
  • Reason for transfer
  • Call-back phone number

Scene (Helicopter)

  • Name and requesting agency
  • Brief description of incident and number of people injured/ill
  • Call-back phone number and radio frequency for further communication
  • Location of nearest 100-ft square landing site, including cross streets and landmarks
  • Weather conditions


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